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December 1
Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Meehan who has successfully completed her Ph.D. at UC Davis. Her thesis was titled: "Pion Production in 4.5 GeV Au + Au Collisions from the STAR Fixed-Target Pilot Run".

November 30
Congratulations to Dr. Zaochen Ye who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at UIC. His thesis was titled: "Measurements of Upsilon Production in p+p, p+Au and Au+Au Collisions at √sNN=200 GeV with the STAR Experiment".

November 1
We remember Father Tom McShane in the October 2018 STAR Newsletter, and hear about the iTPC and activities at the experiment hall, plus Collaborators in the headlines, and a perspective on Hard Probes 2018.

October 24
We remember Father McShane of Creighton University who collaborated with us for over 20 years during the installation and early running STAR. We send our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and colleagues.

October 16
Congratulations to Niseem Magdy Abdelwahab Abdelrahman who successfully defended his PhD thesis at Stony Brook University. His thesis title is: "Beam Energy and Collision System Dependence of Anisotropic Flow and Its Fluctuations".

September 17
Congratulations to Dzmitry Makatun who successfully defended his PhD thesis at Czech Technical University. His thesis title is: "Distributed data processing in High Energy Physics".

September 10
The August 2018 edition of the STAR Newsletter brings our spokespersons' report on general goings on for the Collaboration, and we get a junior's perspective on the FMS disassembly along with a recap of Summer Sunday.

September 3
Congratulations to Jincheng Mei who successfully defended his PhD thesis at Shandong University. His thesis title is: "Measurement of Transverse Spin Transfer to Lambda and anti-Lambda in Transversely Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at RHIC-STAR".

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