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December 9
Congratulations to Dr. Chunjian Zhang from the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics who has just successfully defended his Ph.D. The title of his thesis was “A Study on Collectivity, Correlations, and Fluctuations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions” which focused on data analysis on flow and multiplicity fluctuations as well as theoretical studies.

December 5
Congratulations to Dr. Debadeepti Mishra from the National Institute of Science Education and Research who has successfully defended her Ph.D. Her thesis was titled "Particle Production Studies in Au+Au and U+U Collisions using the STAR Detector at RHIC and Understanding the Freeze-out Dynamics”.

November 26
STAR remembers Prof. Jabus (Jay) Roberts from Rice University who passed away November 22nd. Jay was an active proponent of the RHIC spin program, the STAR electromagnetic calorimeter, and the MRPC ToF.

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