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Note: = STAR private list, = public list


STAR mail: Collaboration announcements
STAR papers: STAR papers
STAR talks (old mail list): STAR talks
STAR juniors: STAR juniors

Physics Working Groups

Hard probes
Light flavor and Peripheral Collisions
    (old mail list)
Spin physics (old mail list)
Flow, Chirality and Vorticity
Correlations and Fluctuations
PWG convenors (old mail list)

Special topics

CME Focus Group (old mail list)
Jet Finding (old mail list)
Centrality Focus Group

Other topics

Cross-PWG discussion (old mail list)


Operations (old mail list)
Shift Leaders
Trigger Board (old mail list)


Starsoft (old list): Infrastructure, database and general S&C issues
Production: Data production and distribution discussion
Calibration: Data calibration discussion
Simulation: Data geometry, simulation, event generators
Embedding: Embedding requests, production, QA
Tracking: Tracking algorithm, software
Online Computing: Online computing support
StarDst: picoDst and muDst discussion

Detector Subsystems

BEMC-EEMC: EM Cal. (old mail list)
EPD: Event Plane Detector (old list)
TPC: Time Projection Chamber (old list)
iTPC: Inner TPC Upgrade
MTD: Muon Telescope (old list)
TOF: Time Of Flight (old list)
eTOF: Endcap TOF Upgrade
STAR trig: STAR trigger group (old list)
HFT: Heavy Flavor Tracker
FMS (old mail list)
STAR Forward Upgrade

Deprecated PWG mailing lists

Bulk correlations (old mail list)
Heavy flavor (old mail list)
Jet-like correlations (old mail list)

External mailing lists

RootTalk: ROOT users forum
RCF mail: RHIC Computing Facility

see archived Hypernews lists here ....

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