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DataBase Task List
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Michael DePhillips

This page is a repository of tasks which need to be completed with (hopefully) a person and expected time-frame to complete the task identified. The task list was taken from notes during an October database meeting and the tasks' status was last updated July 26 2004.

Item#IssueIdentified TaskPersonPriorityTime-Est Status
1 Documentation of API and working DB components is weak Update/rewrite Web docs (add data-flow diagram) Michael D. High 2-weeks work 25%

These pages

2 Normalize and redesign schedular databases Two additional databases need to added and a rotation scheme needs to be adopted Michael D. High 1-week Design agreed upon
3 Mysql Slave - Health O'meter Simple web page to report health/heartbeat of bnl and offsite slaves MichaelHigh ? DONE

4 Document Vol 1 ver 2 incorporate online MichaelHigh DONE ?
5Get access from James Fung for nessus create groups for online Michael D.High ? DONE

Allow mpd to conduct scans for online systems

6 St_Table class "presumes" idl definition. DB c-structs were developed from*.h files. St_Table is Offline's DB access class Decide how to handle this mismatch and communicate any reprocussions Yuri F.High ? Done

DB-scripts provide idl (see Makeidl's).

Separate cvs check-in to Offline Repository

See constraints by JP.

7 ONLINE - PREPARATIONS - System administration Get disks ready, patch machine, ensure system health Michael D.High 1 week 75%

New disk installed Need to set up back up directories and run_4 directories and clear directories for Run_5

8 Online - Preparations - DBA Upgrade databases to 4.0.20 - set up port 3403 for Run_4 and Create Dbs for 3501, 3502 and 3503 for Run_5.Edit starup scripts to replect changes and move to inet.d Michael D.High 1-2 weeks 5%
8 Full binary storage structure currently exists outside StDbLib Integrate into StDbLib & use as warrented Sasha V. & Jeff P.Medium 2 weeks 25%

Tables used by StDbLib have been made compliant.

Must add method in StDbBuffer to Read/Writewhole binary tables

9 Table Descriptor Objects differ between StDbBroker & StDbLib Modify StDbLib descriptor to accept StDbBroker's Jeff P.Medium 1-Day Work 100% Done
10 Some transient structures are very poor for DB-storage. Document a data-format policy Jim T. (+ Jeff P. & Sasha V.)Medium 1 week 15%

JP & SV discussions

11 Multiple Mysql servers Management Develop a server management strategy Jeff P, Victor P., Torre W.Modest 1-2 months 25%

See server discussions & proposal

12 Separate management of "code-params" In database? In CVS-software? Develop code-params access/storage model Yuri F., Victor P., Torre W., SOFI.. Modest ? ?%

A "RunParams" database exists

13 DB-input exist via private macros and routines (examples). Standardize writes model via St_db_Maker Victor P. Low ? ?%
14 Cannot run SQL queries on the binary data (Item 8. Develop query of binary data unknown Lowest ? ?%
15 Multilple input data-file formats (RootCint macros, Geant-dcards, DB-Xml) can lead to over complication & duplication of work Develop further the XML tool on the API side of the DB-API unknown Lowest ? ?%