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Running STAF
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by T. Wenaus

You should have followed the tutorial on setting up your environment to get to the point where you can type staf and get the desired response.

To see what version you're set up to use, type which staf or STAR_LEVELS.

You should run staf from your working directory, eg. cd ~/workdir. If you are using domains and packages you have checked out yourself they should reside under this directory, eg. in workdir/pams/tpc.

To start STAF type staf. Use staf -h to see the available command line options. Some of the important ones are

The interactive environment and command line is that of PAW and KUIP, extended with STAF-specific commands. The HELP command is the gateway to the online documentation. See the PAW documentation referenced on the tools page for information on basic PAW and KUIP.

In order to load the packages you need, use make mydomain/mypackage or make mydomain from the STAF prompt. This will run the standard makefile on the files in your package and dynamically load your software. To run the make procedure independently of STAF, use make -f $STAR/mgr/ (aliased to the makes command in the standard environment) while in your domain or package directory. This will build dynamic libraries for your package. Use the make command as above to load them in the STAF environment.

Once the packages you need are loaded you can proceed to run your kumacs (the kumacs may of course include the load steps). To develop your own kumacs you are advised to use existing ones as a guide; see the tutorial guide to kumacs.

Kathy provides an example of how to execute kumacs in STAF and in particular the Big Full Chain kumac bfc.kumac in her recent tutorial talk (10/98).

Current versions of the STAF full and condensed reference manuals describing the command set are available: