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General Information and EEMC "expert" guide for setup, operation and troubleshooting the STAR Endcap EMC are linked below

Many of EEMC operational activites described therein should only be done or supervised by one of the detector experts.

Click on each topic for details*:

  1. Read Me/Origin EEMC Description
  2. Crate Power Supplies
  3. High Voltage (HVSys) Operations
  4. Tower FEE Setup
  5. MAPMT boxes and FEE
  6. Slow Controls
  7. Tower Data Collector Systems
  8. Laser Operations
  9. Panitkin Diagnostic Plots
  10. DSM's and Masking
  11. Power Switch (HVSys)
  12. e-log for Endcap
  13. Phone Numbers (help)
  14. Operation of MiniDAQ
  15. X-PAW Display
  16. Quick Reference
  17. Helpful Links *(e.g., updated/web version of JS '04 instruction printout at EEMC control console).