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Starting Run Control

State Model Diagram

If psm is not already running, you have to start psm (State Manager) before Run Control. Once psm is running, it should be trivial to bring up the Run Control GUI:

  1. Go to the ``Run Control'' desktop on deneb; bring up a terminal window and issue the command:
            (deneb) ~ %   rc_win &
    Now, iconize the original terminal window.
  2. The Run Control GUI should come up in about 30 seconds and show both MiniDAQ and Slow Controls to be connected.
  3. Similarly, the TSI/MDQ monitor in the ``Run Control'' workspace should show that both are connected:
            15:59:57 status:
            sc_cmd  ready  
            sc_seq  connected  
            mdq_seq         connected
  4. If they are not already in the same state, synchronize MiniDAQ and Slow Controls.
  5. Step through Init, Configure, Getset and Go via Run Control in the usual way.

Written: November 27, 1996 by Eugene Yee and Nathan Stone
Modified: June 20, 1998 by R.Bossingham

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