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StEEmcPointFinderIU_t Class Reference

#include <StEEmcPointFinderIU.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcPointFinderIU_t:
StEEmcPointFinder_t StFinderAlg_t


struct  clusterLessThan
struct  clusterMoreThan

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()
 clear things before doing the finding for the next event
virtual Int_t find (const EEmcEnergy_t &eemcEnergy, const StSimpleClusterVec_t &towerClusterVec, const StESMDClustersVec_t &smdClusterVec, const Double_t *smdEuEvRatio, StEEmcHitVec_t &hitVec)
 find some some points More...
void setMinUVRatio (Float_t ratio)
void setTowerThreshold (Float_t thres)
void setZratioThres (Float_t thres)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t isReady () const
 Check if status is ready for hit finding.

Protected Types

typedef std::set< const
*, clusterLessThan

Protected Member Functions

Int_t findPoints (const EEmcEnergy_t &eemcEnergy, StClusterPool_t &uClusterVec, StClusterPool_t &vClusterVec, StEEmcHitVec_t &hitVec)

Static Protected Member Functions

static Bool_t hitTtest2LessThan (const StEEmcHit_t &h1, const StEEmcHit_t &h2)

Protected Attributes

EEmcGeomSimple mEEmcGeomSimple
Float_t mMinUVratio
Float_t mZratioThres
Float_t mTtestThres
Bool_t mUseBugFixes
Float_t mTowerThreshold
Int_t mSector
Int_t mLastSMDhitID
- Protected Attributes inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t mIsReady

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
static void setEventNum (Int_t eventNum)
static Int_t getEventNum ()

Detailed Description

Stephen Gliske

Implementation of the point finder algrothim from the PhD dissertation of Weihong He. See further description in header file.

Stephen Gliske

Implementation of the point finder algrothim from the PhD dissertation of Weihong He.

Some implementation improvements have been made versus that found in $CVSROOT/offline/users/aliceb/StRoot/StEEmcPool/StEEmcIUPi0/StEEmcIUPointMaker.cxx

Definition at line 29 of file StEEmcPointFinderIU.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StEEmcPointFinderIU_t::find ( const EEmcEnergy_t eemcEnergy,
const StSimpleClusterVec_t &  towerClusterVec,
const StESMDClustersVec_t &  smdClusterVec,
const Double_t *  smdEuEvRatio,
StEEmcHitVec_t &  hitVec 

find some some points

find some some points. Note: input is towerClusterVec and stripClusterVec results are stored in mHit, and the return Int_t is an error code or kStOK. Note: this algorithm does not use the tower clusters at all, but just checks the energy of individual towers.

Implements StEEmcPointFinder_t.

Definition at line 56 of file StEEmcPointFinderIU.cxx.

References findPoints(), and kStOK.

Int_t StEEmcPointFinderIU_t::findPoints ( const EEmcEnergy_t eemcEnergy,
StClusterPool_t &  uClusterVec,
StClusterPool_t &  vClusterVec,
StEEmcHitVec_t &  hitVec 

"to form a valid smd point, we require a struck tower, or a "fail" bit to be set and one of the other tower detectors to fire (pre/postshower)."

"furthermore, we may require a degree of energy matching between the smd hits"

"create associative arrays matching smd clusters to hits, or in this case index into the smdhits array. NOTE– from here on, it is important that smdhits do not get sorted."

Definition at line 118 of file StEEmcPointFinderIU.cxx.

References EEmcSmdGeom::getIntersection(), EEmcGeomSimple::getTower(), kStOK, and kStOk.

Referenced by find().

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