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StEmcMicroEvent Class Reference

#include <StEmcMicroEvent.h>

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Public Member Functions

Int_t getVersion () const
 Return EMC Micro Event version.
StEmcMicroCollectiongetEmc () const
 Return micro EMC collection.
StFpdMicroCollectiongetFpd () const
 Return FPD Information.
StEmcMicroTrackgetPrimaryTrack (Int_t i) const
 Return Primary track.
Int_t getNPrimaryTrack () const
 Return Number of Primary track.
StEmcMicroTrackgetGlobalTrack (Int_t i) const
 Return Global track.
Int_t getNGlobalTrack () const
 Return Number of Global track.
StEmcMicroV0getV0 (Int_t i) const
 Return V0.
Int_t getNV0 () const
 Return Number of V0.
UInt_t getOrigMult () const
 Return Multiplicity (number of primaries before cut)
UInt_t getCentrality () const
 Return centrality (not defined yet)
Float_t getVertexX () const
 Return Vertex X.
Float_t getVertexY () const
 Return Vertex Y.
Float_t getVertexZ () const
 Return Vertex Z.
UInt_t getL0TriggerWord () const
 Return L0 trigger word.
Int_t getEventID () const
 Return Event Id.
Int_t getRunID () const
 Return run number.
Int_t getEventTime () const
 Return event time (unix time)
Int_t getToken () const
 Return event Token.
Int_t getCTB () const
 Return CTB sum.
Int_t getZDCe () const
 Return ZDC east.
Int_t getZDCw () const
 Return ZDC west.
Float_t getZVertexZDC () const
 Return Z vertex from ZDC.
Int_t getBBCe () const
 Return BBC east.
Int_t getBBCw () const
 Return BBC west.
Int_t getBBCSum () const
 Return BBC sum.
Int_t getBBCNHits () const
 Return BBC number of hits.
Float_t getZVertexBBC () const
 Return BBC Z Vertex.
Int_t getHighTower (Int_t i) const
 Return EMC High tower ADC.
Int_t getPatch (Int_t i) const
 Return EMC Patch ADC.
UInt_t getBunchCrossing7bit () const
 Return Bunch Crossing Id 7 bits.
UInt_t getBunchCrossing () const
 Return Bunch Crossing.
Int_t getSpinBits () const
 Return Spin bits.
Int_t getSpinBitYellowUp () const
 Return Spin bit yellow up.
Int_t getSpinBitYellowDown () const
 Return Spin bit yellow down.
Int_t getSpinBitBlueUp () const
 Return Spin bit blue up.
Int_t getSpinBitBlueDown () const
 Return Spin bit blue down.
Float_t getBField () const
 Return Magnetic field (tesla)
void setEmc (StEmcMicroCollection *emc)
void setFpd (StFpdMicroCollection *fpd)
void addPrimaryTrack (StEmcMicroTrack *t)
void addGlobalTrack (StEmcMicroTrack *t)
void addV0 (StEmcMicroV0 *v)
void setVersion (const Int_t ver)
void setOrigMult (const UInt_t mult)
void setCentrality (const UInt_t cent)
void setVertexPos (const Float_t x, const Float_t y, const Float_t z)
void setL0TriggerWord (const UInt_t trigger)
void setEventID (const Int_t id)
void setRunID (const Int_t id)
void setEventTime (const Int_t time)
void setToken (const Int_t token)
void setCTB (const Int_t ctb)
void setZDCe (const Int_t zdce)
void setZDCw (const Int_t zdcw)
void setZVertexZDC (const Float_t ZVZDC)
void setBBCe (const Int_t bbce)
void setBBCw (const Int_t bbcw)
void setBBCNHits (const Int_t BBCNH)
void setZVertexBBC (const Float_t ZVBBC)
void setHighTower (const Int_t i, const Int_t HT)
void setPatch (const Int_t i, const Int_t PATCH)
void setBunchCrossing7bit (const UInt_t BX7)
void setBunchCrossing (const UInt_t BX)
void setSpinBits (const Int_t Spin)
void setBField (const Float_t bf)

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the EMC micro Event main structure.

Definition at line 16 of file StEmcMicroEvent.h.

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