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StFtpcTrackToStEvent Class Reference

#include <StFtpcTrackToStEvent.hh>

Public Member Functions

StEventFillEvent (StEvent *, TObjArray *)
StEventFillEventPrimaries (StEvent *, TObjArray *)
void FillDetectorInfo (StTrackDetectorInfo *detInfo, StFtpcTrack *kTrack, Bool_t global=kTRUE)
void FillGeometry (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack, bool outer)
void FillFitTraits (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
void FillPidTraits (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
void FilldEdxInfo (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
void FillTrack (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
void FillTopologyMap (StTrack *track, StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
unsigned short EncodedStEventFitPoints (StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
float ImpactParameter (StFtpcTrack *kTrack)
int GetHighestTrackKey (StSPtrVecTrackNode &trNodeVec)

Detailed Description

StFtpcTrackToStEvent is a utilitity class meant to properly convert StFtpcTrack objects into StTrack (Global/Primary) objects and hang these on the StEvent Track-node.

Markus D. Oldenburg

Definition at line 38 of file StFtpcTrackToStEvent.hh.

Member Function Documentation

StEvent * StFtpcTrackToStEvent::FillEvent ( StEvent e,
TObjArray *  t 

Algorithm: Loop over all tracks in the TObjArray of StFtpcTracks, doing for each track:

  • Create a new global track and associated information (see below) and set its data members according to the StFtpcTrack, can be done in a StGlobalTrack constructor
  • Hang the new track to the StTrackNode container in StEvent, this creates a new entry in the container, the global track is now owned by it.

In addition to the StGlobalTrack, we need to create the following objects (owned by it): StTrackTopologyMap StTrackFitTraits StTrackGeometry (2 are needed, one at first point, one at last point) (note: StHelixModel is implementation of the StTrackGeometry abstract class)

The track also owns a container of PidTraits, this algorithm will not fill this container.

And set up links to: StTrackDetectorInfo (owned by StEvent, StSPtrVecTrackDetectorInfo) StTrackNode (owned by StEvent, StSPtrVecTrackNode) These links are track -> detector info track <-> track node

The creation of the various objects needed by StGlobalTrack are taken care of in the methods: FillTopologyMap(), FillGeometry(), FillFitTraits(), which are called within FillGlobalTrack().

Definition at line 84 of file

Referenced by StFtpcTrackMaker::Make().

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