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StHbtCorrFctn Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for StHbtCorrFctn:
AverageSepCorrFctn BPLabFrame3DCorrFctn BPLCMSFrame3DCorrFctn BPLCMSFrame3DCorrFctn_SIM BPLCMSFrame3DCorrFctnKt EntranceSepCorrFctn EntSep_pTCorrFctn ExitSepCorrFctn FracMergRowvsQinv MinvCorrFctn MinvCorrFctnArmenteros MinvCorrFctnM_vs_Phi MinvCorrFctnM_vs_Pt MinvCorrFctnY_vs_Pt mTmTCorrFctn NonId3DCorrFctn NonIdPurityCorrFctn NonIdReal3DCorrFctn OpeningAngleCorrFctn ParityCorrFctn ParityDevCorrFctn ParityTwistCorrFctn Q3invCorrFctn QinvCorrFctn QinvCorrFctnC QinvCorrFctnKt QinvCorrFctnPidProbWeight QinvEbyECorrFctn QinvQualAvSepCorrFctn QoslCMSCorrFctnRPkT QvecCorrFctn QvecQualCorrFctn StHbtCorrFctnDirectYlm StHbtLikeSignCorrFctn StHbtRoot1DCF StHbtRoot2DCF StHbtRoot3DCF StHbtThCFGaussFit StHbtThCFManager StHbtThCorrFctn Trk2CorrFctn YKPLongitudinal

Public Member Functions

 StHbtCorrFctn (const StHbtCorrFctn &)
virtual StHbtString Report ()=0
virtual void ParityCompute (ParityBuff *, ParityBuff *, int)
virtual void AddRealPair (const StHbtPair *)
virtual void AddMixedPair (const StHbtPair *)
virtual void AddRealTriplet (const StHbtTriplet *)
virtual void AddMixedTriplet (const StHbtTriplet *)
virtual void EventBegin (const StHbtEvent *)
virtual void EventEnd (const StHbtEvent *)
virtual void Finish ()=0
virtual StHbtCorrFctnClone ()
virtual StHbtPairCutGetPairCut ()
StHbtBaseAnalysisHbtAnalysis ()
void SetAnalysis (StHbtBaseAnalysis *)

Protected Attributes



class StHbtBaseAnalysis

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file StHbtCorrFctn.hh.

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