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StKinkMuDst Class Reference

#include <StKinkMuDst.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StKinkMuDst:
StKinkBase StStrangeMuDst StKinkI

Public Member Functions

 StKinkMuDst (StKinkVertex *)
Float_t dcaParentDaughter () const
Float_t dcaDaughterPrimaryVertex () const
Float_t dcaParentPrimaryVertex () const
Float_t hitDistanceParentDaughter () const
Float_t hitDistanceParentVertex () const
Float_t mindE () const
Float_t decayAngle () const
Float_t parentMomentum () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentum () const
Int_t parentCharge () const
Float_t daughterMomentum () const
Int_t daughterCharge () const
Float_t decayLength () const
Float_t transverseMomentum () const
Float_t transverseMassKaon () const
Float_t transverseMassPion () const
Float_t rapidityKaon () const
Float_t rapidityPion () const
Int_t keyParent () const
 Track id of parent.
Int_t keyDaughter () const
 Track id of daughter.
Float_t chi2Kink () const
 Chi square of Kink.
Float_t clKink () const
 Confidence level of Kink.
Float_t chi2Parent () const
 Chi square of parent.
Float_t clParent () const
 Confidence level of parent.
Float_t chi2Daughter () const
 Chi square of daughter.
Float_t clDaughter () const
 Confidence level of daughter.
void setParentBad ()
 Set the parent as bad.
void setDaughterBad ()
 Set the daughter as bad.
Float_t dedxParent () const
 dE/dX of parent
Float_t dedxDaughter () const
 dE/dX of daughter
Float_t errDedxParent () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of parent.
Float_t errDedxDaughter () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of daughter.
UShort_t numDedxParent () const
 Number of dE/dX points for parent.
UShort_t numDedxDaughter () const
 Number of dE/dX points for daughter.
Float_t lenDedxParent () const
 Length of dE/dX track of parent.
Float_t lenDedxDaughter () const
 Length of dE/dX track of daughter.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StKinkBase
Int_t geantIdParent () const
Int_t geantIdDaughter () const
Float_t parentMomentumX () const
Float_t parentMomentumY () const
Float_t parentMomentumZ () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumZ () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumX () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumY () const
Float_t daughterMomentumX () const
Float_t daughterMomentumY () const
Float_t daughterMomentumZ () const
Float_t positionX () const
Float_t positionY () const
Float_t positionZ () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StKinkI
virtual Float_t parentPrimPsi () const
virtual Int_t decayMode () const
virtual Int_t simTpcHits () const
virtual Int_t commonTpcHits () const
virtual Bool_t bad () const
 Test whether either daughter is bad.

Public Attributes

Float_t mDcaParentDaughter
Float_t mDcaDaughterPrimaryVertex
Float_t mDcaParentPrimaryVertex
Float_t mHitDistanceParentDaughter
Float_t mHitDistanceParentVertex
Float_t mMinDeltaEnergy
Float_t mDecayAngle
Float_t mParentMomentum
Float_t mParentPrimMomentum
Int_t mParentCharge
Float_t mDaughterMomentum
Int_t mDaughterCharge
Float_t mDecayLength
Float_t mTransverseMomentum
Float_t mTransverseMassKaon
Float_t mTransverseMassPion
Float_t mRapidityKaon
Float_t mRapidityPion
Float_t mChi2Kink
Float_t mClKink
Float_t mChi2Parent
Float_t mClParent
Float_t mChi2Daughter
Float_t mClDaughter
Float_t mDedxParent
Float_t mDedxDaughter
Float_t mErrDedxParent
Float_t mErrDedxDaughter
UShort_t mNumDedxParent
UShort_t mNumDedxDaughter
Int_t mKeyParent
Int_t mKeyDaughter


class StMuMomentumShiftMaker

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from StKinkBase
Int_t mParentGeantId
Int_t mDaughterGeantId
Float_t mParentMomentumX
Float_t mParentMomentumY
Float_t mParentMomentumZ
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumX
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumY
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumZ
Float_t mDaughterMomentumX
Float_t mDaughterMomentumY
Float_t mDaughterMomentumZ
Float_t mPositionX
Float_t mPositionY
Float_t mPositionZ

Detailed Description

Wensheng Deng, Kent State University, 29-Mar-2000
Gene Van Buren
         Kink micro dst class

Definition at line 16 of file StKinkMuDst.hh.

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