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StPicoFmsFiller Class Reference

Fills FMS information. More...

#include <StPicoFmsFiller.h>

Public Member Functions

 StPicoFmsFiller (StPicoDst &picoDst)
void fill (const StMuDst &muDst, const StFmsDbMaker *fmsDbMaker=nullptr)
 Fill FMS info. More...

Detailed Description

Fills FMS information.

A helper class that stores FMS information to the PicoDst

Definition at line 17 of file StPicoFmsFiller.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StPicoFmsFiller::fill ( const StMuDst muDst,
const StFmsDbMaker fmsDbMaker = nullptr 

Fill FMS info.

Fills the FmsHit TObjArray in StPicoDst with StPicoFmsHit objects by copying the corresponding data from StMuFmsCollection in StMuDst.

Definition at line 28 of file StPicoFmsFiller.cxx.

References StMuDst::muFmsCollection(), and StPicoDst::picoArray().

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