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StPicoDst Class Reference

Main class that keeps TClonesArrays with main classes. More...

#include <StPicoDst.h>

Public Member Functions

 StPicoDst ()
 Default constructor.
 ~StPicoDst ()
void print () const
 Print information.

Static Public Member Functions

static void set (TClonesArray **)
 Set the pointers to the TClonesArrays.
static void unset ()
 Reset the pointers to the TClonesArrays to 0.
static TClonesArray * picoArray (Int_t type)
 Return pointer to the n-th TClonesArray.
static StPicoEventevent ()
 Return pointer to current StPicoEvent (class holding the event wise information)
static StPicoTracktrack (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th track.
static StPicoEmcTriggeremcTrigger (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th trigger data.
static StPicoMtdTriggermtdTrigger (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th MTD trigger data.
static StPicoBTowHitbtowHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th btow hit.
static StPicoBTofHitbtofHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th btof hit.
static StPicoMtdHitmtdHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th mtd hit.
static StPicoBbcHitbbcHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th bbc hit.
static StPicoEpdHitepdHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th epd hit.
static StPicoFmsHitfmsHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th fms hit.
static StPicoBEmcPidTraitsbemcPidTraits (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th emc pidTraits.
static StPicoBTofPidTraitsbtofPidTraits (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th btof pidTraits.
static StPicoMtdPidTraitsmtdPidTraits (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th mtd pidTraits.
static StPicoTrackCovMatrixtrackCovMatrix (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th track covariance matrix.
static StPicoBEmcSmdEHitbemcSmdEHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th BEMC SMD eta hit.
static StPicoBEmcSmdPHitbemcSmdPHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th BEMC SMD phi hit.
static StPicoETofHitetofHit (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th etof hit.
static StPicoETofPidTraitsetofPidTraits (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th etof pidTraits.
static StPicoMcVertexmcVertex (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th MC vertex.
static StPicoMcTrackmcTrack (Int_t i)
 Return pointer to i-th MC track.
static UInt_t numberOfTracks ()
 Return number of tracks.
static UInt_t numberOfEmcTriggers ()
 Return number of Emc triggers.
static UInt_t numberOfMtdTriggers ()
 Return number of MTD triggers.
static UInt_t numberOfBTowHits ()
 Return number of BTow hits.
static UInt_t numberOfBTofHits ()
 Return number of BTof hits.
static UInt_t numberOfMtdHits ()
 Return number of MTD hits.
static UInt_t numberOfBbcHits ()
 Return number of BBC hits.
static UInt_t numberOfEpdHits ()
 Return number of EPD hits.
static UInt_t numberOfFmsHits ()
 Return number of FMS hits.
static UInt_t numberOfBEmcPidTraits ()
 Return number of BEMC PID traits.
static UInt_t numberOfBTofPidTraits ()
 Return number of BTof PID traits.
static UInt_t numberOfMtdPidTraits ()
 Return number of MTD traits.
static UInt_t numberOfTrackCovMatrices ()
 Return number of track covariance matrices.
static UInt_t numberOfBEmcSmdEHits ()
 Return number of BEMC SMD eta hits.
static UInt_t numberOfBEmcSmdPHits ()
 Return number of BEMC SMD phi hits.
static UInt_t numberOfETofHits ()
 Return number of ETof hits.
static UInt_t numberOfETofPidTraits ()
 Return number of ETOF PID traits.
static UInt_t numberOfMcVertices ()
 Return number of MC vertices.
static UInt_t numberOfMcTracks ()
 Return number of MC tracks.
static void printTracks ()
 Print track info.
static void printTriggers ()
 Print trigger.
static void printBTowHits ()
 Print BTOW hit info.
static void printBTofHits ()
 Print BTOF hit info.
static void printMtdHits ()
 Print MTD hit info.
static void printFmsHits ()
 Print FMS hit info.
static void printBEmcPidTraits ()
 Print BEMC PID trait info.
static void printBTofPidTraits ()
 Print BTOF PID trait info.
static void printMtdPidTraits ()
 Print MTD PID trait info.
static void printTrackCovMatrices ()
 Print track covariance matrix info.
static void printBEmcSmdEHits ()
 Print BEMC SMD eta info.
static void printBEmcSmdPHits ()
 Print BEMC SMD phi info.
static void printETofHits ()
 Print ETOF hit info.
static void printETofPidTraits ()
 Print ETOF PID trait info.
static void printMcVertices ()
 Print MC vertex info.
static void printMcTracks ()
 Print MC track info.

Detailed Description

Main class that keeps TClonesArrays with main classes.

The StPicoDstClass holds pointers to the picoArrays with all data

Definition at line 40 of file StPicoDst.h.

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