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detector subsystem documentation
  • CTL: STAR ConTroLs documents
  • DAQ: Data AcQuisition documents
  • FEE: Front End Electronics documents
  • BBC: Beam Beam Counter documents
  • BEMC: Barrel Electromagnetic Calorimeter documents
  • EEMC: Endcap ElectroMagnetic Calorimeter documents
  • EPD: Event Plane Detector documents
  • FPD: Foward Pion Detector documents
  • HFT: Heavy Flavor Tracker documents
  • HLT: High Level Trigger documents
  • MTD: Muon Telescope Detector documents
  • SSD: Silicon Strip Detector documents
  • TOF: Time Of Flight documents
  • TPC: TPC documents
  • TRG: TRiGger documents
future detector upgrade projects
past detector subsystems
  • FTPC: Forward TPC documents
  • MTPC: Mini TPC documents
  • Interfaces: Interface documents
  • LEVEL3: Level 3 trigger documents
  • PMD: Photon Multiplicity Detector
  • SVT: Silicon Vertex Tracker documents
  • DAQ2K: DAQ and TRG Upgrade Documents

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