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The physics of star can be divided into several topics, with many overlaps between topics. In STAR, each of these topics is explored within a physics working group which develops the analysis techniques and software needed to focus on its interests.

Bulk correlations pwg
Convenors: Jiangyong Jia,
ShinIchi Esumi,
Xiaofeng Luo
Links: Bulk correlations protected area
Heavy flavor pwg
Convenors: Rongrong Ma,
Petr Chaloupka,
Zebo Tang
Links: Heavy flavor protected area
Jet-like correlations pwg
Convenors: Kolja Kauder,
Li Yi
Links: Jet-like correlations protected area
Light flavor spectra and Peripheral collisions pwg
Convenors: David Tlusty,
Chi Yang,
Wangmei Zha
Links: Light flavor spectra and Peripheral collisions protected area
Spin pwg
Convenors: Oleg Eyser,
Carl Gagliardi
Links: Spin www page
Spin protected area

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