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star physics results: High-pT phenomena

Evidence from d+Au measurements for final-state suppression of high pT hadrons in Au+Au collisions at RHIC

The factor of five suppression of high pT hadron production and the suppression of away-side jets in central Au+Au collisions compared to proton+proton collisions are some of the most exciting results produced by STAR. The interpretation of these effects as due to final-state interactions of jets in the dense matter formed in the collision requires the demonstration that such effects do not occur in high energy nuclear collisions in which no medium is formed. More...

Transverse momentum and collision energy dependence of high pT hadron suppression in Au+Au collisions at RHIC

The < Nbinary> -scaled ratio of particle yields in central relative to peripheral collisions, RCP is similar to RAB and also exhibits large suppression of inclusive hadron production in central collisions. The observed factor of 5 suppression in central collisions was shown by these high precision measurements to be independent of pT for 6 < pT < 12 GeV/c.

We compared the STAR measurements to the results of three theoretical calculations: two models based on pQCD incorporating shadowing, the Cronin effect and jet quenching in dense matter (pQCD-I, pQCD-II) and a model incorporating gluon saturation in the incoming Au nuclei. More...

Centrality dependence of high pT hadron suppression in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(snn) = 130 GeV

The first Au+Au collisions at RHIC were recorded in 2000 at center of mass energy sqrt(snn) = 130 GeV. STAR measured the spectra of charged hadrons as a function of transverse momentum and centrality. More...

Apparent scaling for the azimuthal anisotropy of Lambda and K0s

In Au-Au collisions at RHIC one of the first measurements was the observation of collective harmonic flow for charged hadrons and that this flow showed a strong pt dependence. This observation has since been extended to that the identified particles. More...

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