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From Staf/Gstar to Starsim

Starsim is the centerpiece of the STAR simulation software. It has evolved from the same original code as staf (gstar), but has a vastly better code organization. In addition, the code base has been truncated in order to eliminate the functionality not used by the majority of STAR users, such as the handling of g2t structures. This allowed for great simplification of the code base and helped make it more portable. We have tested the newly created executable under variety of conditions.

Since early 2004, all support for gstar/staf has ceased, and users are encouraged to switch to starsim. Most of the availble prior documentation written for gstar is applicable to starsim, with some exceptions as noted above (the g2t tables).

Event Generators used in STAR Simulation


New Simulation Framework

The STAR simulation software is due for an upgrade and transition to the ROOT-based Virtual Monte Carlo simulation engine and ROOT geometry model. Documents related to this project have been moved to a separate page


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