STAR Trigger General Trigger Documents

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     Trigger Goals   

     Trigger Requirements Document   Previous Version

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       Trigger Request Form (This file is in .pdf format)   

       Trigger DAQ Interface (working) document (This file is in .ps format)   

       Trigger Clock Distribution (working) document (This file is in .ps format)   

     VME Information   

       STAR Trigger VME Board Base Address List (This file is in .pdf format)   

Expand/Collapse Item Simulations

     Level 0 Simulation Results (1995)   

     Level 1 Simulation Results (1995)   

     Level 2 Simulation Results (1995)   

     Level 3 Simulation Results (1995)   

     Level 4 Simulation Results (1995)   

     Misc. Simulation Results (1995)   

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       Trigger Mechanical and Electrical Schematic Drawing List (This file is in .pdf format)   

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       STAR Trigger Data Format   

Expand/Collapse Item Testing

     Cosmic Ray December 1999 Document

     Trigger System Test 1999 Document    (pdf version

     Trigger System Test 1999 Schematic    (pdf version)

     STAR Trigger System Test 1999 Crate Layout    (pdf version)

     Steps to Completing the Trigger System Test 1999    (pdf version)

       1999 System Test Cable Map (Crate #3) (This file is in .pdf format)   

Expand/Collapse Item Discussions / Archive

     Min Bias Trigger definitions (11Dec03)   

     PWG requests for 2004 trigger workshop (26Sep03)   

     ZDC Plots (30Aug01)   

     CTB Pedestals (28Aug01)   

     Trigger Talk at the DNP2000 Meeting (09-28-00)   

     Trigger Documentation System Proposal (11-19-98)   (pdf version)

     Example of a Trigger Mix for a STAR Run (8-10-98)   

     STAR Calibration Events (8-20-98)   

     Mock Data Challenge I   

     Status of TRG STAF Modules (9-18-97)   

     Year One Au-Au and Beam-Gas Rates (5-13-97)   

     Simulation Plan (11-19-96)   

     Level 1 Dimension Lowering (9-13-95)   

     Luminosity (12-14-94)   

     Proposed QM2001 Trigger Poster   

Expand/Collapse Item Manuals

       Setting up the STAR Trigger at beginning of Run period (This file is in .pdf format)   

       Timing in the STAR Trigger (This file is in .pdf format)   

       STAR Trigger Timing Blocks (This file is in .pdf format)   

       VME to PCI Bus Manual (This file is in .pdf format)   

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