STAR Trigger CTB Documents

Expand/Collapse Item Requirements - (Hank Crawford, Leo Greiner, Bob Minor)

     QT Requirements Document (this file is in .pdf format)

     CTB Requirements Document   (pdf version)

Expand/Collapse Item Context Diagrams - (Leo Greiner)

     QT32 block diagram

     QT8 block diagram

     CTB 0.0   (pdf version)

     CTB 0.1   (pdf version)

     CTB 0.1.1   (pdf version)

     CTB 0.1.3   (pdf version)

Expand/Collapse Item Interfaces - (Jack Engelage, Bob Minor)

     CTB Interfaces Document   (pdf version)

       CTB CDB Slow Control Interface (This file is in .pdf format)   

     CTB L0 Interfaces   

     CTB TCD Interfaces   

Expand/Collapse Item Simulations - (Pablo Yepes)

     CTB Simulation Results (1995)   

     CTB Multiplicity   

     CTB eta-phi distribution   

     CTB hits in slats   

Expand/Collapse Item Schematics / Drawings - (Geary Eppley, Leo Greiner)


       Central Trigger Barrel (8-23-95)   

     QT Electronics   

       QT daughter card (this file is in .pdf format)   

       QT motherboard (this file is in .pdf format)   

       QT clock interface card (this file is in .pdf format)   

       QT PECL to ECL interface card to TAC (this file is in .pdf format)   

       Snoop Card (this file is in .pdf format)   


       TRG001-E-1 CTB Tray (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG002-E-1 CTB Tray Top (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG003-A-1 CTB Foot (This file is in .pfd format)   

       TRG004-A-1 CTB Tray Support End (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG005-A-1 CTB Tray Support Left (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG006-A-1 CTB Tray Support Right (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG007-A-1 CTB Light Guide (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG008-A-1 CTB Eta 0.0-0.5 Scintillator (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG009-A-1 CTB Eta 0.5-0.97 Scintillator (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG025-A-1 CTB Tray Support, Far End (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG033-A-1 CTB Tray Support, Far End (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG035-A-1 STAR LBL CTB Tray End Plate (This file is in .pdf format)   

     Cables - (Leo Greiner)   

       LBL-CTB cable-1 STAR LBL CTB cable routing and composition schematic (This file is in .pdf format)   

       TRG036-A-1 STAR LBL CTB Patch Panel (This file is in .pdf format)   

       CTB Complete Cable Map 2001 (This file is in .pdf format. NOTE: Older cable maps are still in this directory, they are just no longer linked to this page)   

     CTB Electronics - (Bob Minor)   

       The CTB uses the CDB and its associated DIB modules to digitize its signals and transfer the data to the DSM tree. Please see the "CDB" and "DIB" sections of the "Trigger System Logic->Electronics Schematics / Drawings" pages.   

     PMT Base - (Leo Greiner)   

       TRG049-C-1 CTB PMT Base Electrical Schematic (This document is in .pdf format)   

Expand/Collapse Item Software - (Jack Engelage, Bob Minor)



Expand/Collapse Item Testing - (as listed)

     Test Results from LBL Base for the Hamamatsu R5946 Photomultiplier Tube for use in the Central Trigger Barrel in STAR.- (LG, IF)   (pdf version)

     CTB PMT Base Test Procedure - (LG, IF)   (pdf version)

     CTB LBL Base Test Results Sheets - (LG, IF)   (pdf version)

     Rice PMT Test Results - (GE)   

     Rice SLAT Test Results - (GE)   

     Rice Tray Test Results - (GE)   

     CTB Test Document - (BM, LG)   (pdf version)

     CDB Test Document - (BM, LG)   (pdf version)

     CDB DIB Fan Cooling Test Document - (LG)   (pdf version)

     CDB Test Results - (BM)   

     Data for Hamamatsu Tubes to be used in the CTB of STAR - (7-6-98)   

     CTB Cosmic data   

Expand/Collapse Item Discussions / Archive - (as listed)

     Additional materials for the March 17, 1999 CTB Electronics Review   

     current QT memory map

     original QT memory map - (Oct 2007)

     QT working description - (Oct 2005)

     CTB Status Document March 16, 1999 - (LG)   (pdf version)

     CTF Calibration   (postscript version)

     CTB Mechanical FDR documents   

     CTB Electronics Schedule - (3-23-98)   

     CTB Base Test - (7-13-98)   

Expand/Collapse Item Manuals - (as listed)

     CDB Board Switch Settings (This file is in .pdf format)   

     DIB Board Switch Settings (This file is in .pdf format)   

     TAC operations Document (This file is in .pdf format)   


     Slow Controls Setup   

     CTB Tray Installation and Replacement Procedure - (LG)   (pdf version)