Run 6, March-June 2006

  1. Filter Pythia Events before GSTAR (reamed PYEVNT) - see also oryginal description from Qinghua Xu .

    Run 8, Fall 2007

  1. Unpacking of l2jet info from ezTree branches

Run 5, November 2004 , all works with STAR muDst !

  • muEzt production, offline P-plot & display
  • build & load FEE pedestals (Jan 11 2005)
  • manual extraction of daq files from HPSS (I'm sorry for you if you need to do it, Jan)
  • run embedding and association (May 02 2005)
  • Modify list of hot tower list PPlot
  • Calibrate pre/post/SMD/ETOW with MIP & UxV

      Run 4, October 2003 - May 2004

    1. convert minidaq data file to ROOT ez-tree
    2. get .daq from HPSS , convert it to ez-tree (Fri Jan 9 12:07:03 EST 2004 )
    3. Tower & Mapmt pedestals build & load to DB (June 18 2004)
    4. find LED peak for towers (modified pedestal finder)
    5. build & load FEE pedestals (Jan 18 2004)
    6. access & plot DSM data (January 19 2004)
    7. watchDog for Run 4 (features GUI4root for non-root'ers)
    8. use StEEmcSmdGeom in analyses to match StTracks with EEMC-SMD hits.
    9. use eeQuickDisp, a quick-n-dirty eztree event display. (1/22/04)
    10. massive runLog querry, simply but slow access to the Run Catalog (1/23/04)
    11. Instructions for checking and filling MAPMT water system.
    12. Laser manual from Alexi (word document).
    13. There is now a documentation page on how to run the EEMC detector.
    14. Lik to Description on how to interpret Panitkin plots.
    15. Example use of .csv run list to drive your analysis.
    16. verify sanity of muDst files
    17. DB usage : ped, gains, fail/stat flags for EEMC towers/pre/post/SMD

    Obsolete instructions for Run 3, January - May of 2003

  • run StAF MC simulations (create *.fzd file)
  • convert StAF .fzd to root4star StEvent
  • convert StAF .fzd to ROOT EEevent-TTree
  • DAQ simulator converts StEvent to ROOT TTree with FEE-like data (apply inverse FEE mapping from Db)
  • compile "eeDisp" display E-EMC hits and sort simple histograms, (apply FEE mapping from Db)
  • use "eeDisp" to find max ADC
  • build Tower pedestals: using eeDisp
  • use HDLC Tcl/Tk code
  • run "Tower Gain Matching Programs" to analyze calibration data, calculate gains and produce new High Voltage input files.
  • do analysis with EEevent
  • convert slopes --> gains & load to DB
  • siew - STAR Infinitesimal Event Writer .
    The ultimate weapon in STAR wars converts STAR .daq files to StRoot-free standard ROOT trees (ezstar tree) with EEMC+TRIG+L3 data
  • Run checkRuns.C, a simple tool for verifying stability of pedestals.